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A long, long time ago (In a galaxy far, far, away), around 2002, I tried to get into screen printing to make punk shirts and patches because the ones for bands I liked were nowhere to be found in stores. Long story short that process failed and I ended up hand cutting out stencils to do so instead. Over the years, skateboarding has become a huge part of my life, and the skateboard itself has provided an ever-changing canvas that I could paint on without being worried about being slapped with vandalism. I would make a new stencil every time I set up a new board about every month or so, and spray paint the stencil art on the skateboard's grip tape in a way that made it easy to figure out where the nose and tail were without having to put much thought into it, and loved that it stood out more than just the usual markings of a simple arrow or scribble here and there. Come 2012, friends convinced me that I should share the stoke with the world. This is the end result, and will more than likely be an ever evolving work in progress. Stay tuned.


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xacto blade
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